reducing travel emissions

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The UK generates around 180 million kilos of greenhouse gas emissions every year from transportation.  The largest biggest source of transport emissions is from surface transport including cars and haulage, but flying is also a major contributor.

The good news is that there are some very is a wide range of options available to reduce transport emissions.

We look at travel through three different categories, short, medium and long journeys. 

For short journeys at Ecoyeti we believe where possible these should be made through active travel, walking cycling or running. This not only reduces pollution and traffic congestion but also has great benefits for physical and mental wellbeing. We have a number of pages with tips on how to reduce your emissions by using more active travel:

For journeys which can’t be carried out using active travel we would encourage you to use public transport where possible, or where using a private vehicle use a low emissions vehicle and where possible. We have dedicated pages on these below:

For longer journeys and international travel where possible flying should be minimised, we have pages dedicated to low emissions holidays so you can still explore and have adventures whilst minimising your impact on the world.