Reducing your emissions

It might feel like the climate emergency is overwhelming but we can all make an impact by making small tweaks to our lifestyles. Often these changes will benefit you in other ways from saving money to improving your health. Ecoyeti is on a mission to nudge as many people as possible into making a difference. 

Source: DEFRA UK's Carbon Footprint

The average adult in the UK is responsible for producing the equivalent of 14 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. 

The good news is that by cutting your emissions through a series of small incremental steps everyone should be able to substantially improve their own footprint. 

We have dedicated pages which give you tips on the best ways to reduce your emissions. For most people the largest single sources of emissions are travel and domestic energy use as well as the emissions generated by the food we consume. Check out our dedicated pages for these below:

It is important to realise that the above estimate is for the average UK adult.  If you are someone who does a lot of flying, has a high meat diet or owns a large house you are likely to have a much larger carbon footprint. It’s fair to say the higher your income the more likely it is you will have a larger carbon footprint. 

To get a better understanding of your own individual footprint you can use our carbon calculator here: