meal kits

Top options for easy cook meals

Changing habits to eat less meat and dairy and more plant based meals can be a challenge. If you struggle for ideas when it comes to cooking plant-based meals or just want to save time subscribing to a meal kit subscription could be the way to go. 

We list ten of the best providers below.


1. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a subscription service which delivers recipes and fresh pre-portioned ingredients to your door. You specify the number of people (2,3 or 4) and number of recipes (3, 4 or 5) you want and each week you will receive new recipes to follow.

HelloFresh really excels in making their recipes very easy to follow and we’ve been impressed by the large range of recipes and high quality taste of the finished meals. 

Hellofresh offers a vegetarian subscription which is great for inspiration for meat free meals, although somewhat frustratingly these are priced at the same level as the non-meat options.

As the ingredients are already measured out, organic food waste is reduced. However, the downside of HelloFresh is there can end up being a lot of plastic packaging (for example to measure out individual spice portions).

HelloFresh have also committed to being carbon neutral and state that they offset their direct emissions including delivery. 

Delivery: Nationwide with standard delivery slot between 8:00-19:00

Price: £29.99 for 3 recipes and 2 people

Range: 31 recipes to coose from each week with Vegetarian and quick cook options available

2. Mindful Chef

Mindful chef is a recipe subscription service with a focus on healthy eating. Each week, there’s a rotating menu of recipes to choose from. You can order from 2 to 5 different recipes for between 2 to 4 people each week. There is a good range of vegan options on the menu each week meaning you can get inspired for food which is tasty, healthy and has a low carbon footprint. Mindful chef also has a frozen range for those with less time for cooking.

Although more expensive than HelloFresh the option to have vegan recipes means its easy to cut out dairy from your diet which has a high carbon footprint. Deliveries are stated to be carbon neutral with DPD offsetting emissions and by 2025 all vehicles used will be electric.

Mindful Chef also includes a school mal donated to a child in poverty for every recipe you enjoy.

 Delivery: Delivery daily between 8am-7pm. You will receive an eta on the day of delivery, usually by 1pm.

Price: £34.95 for 3 recipes and 2 people (recipes with meat cost more)

Range: 20 recipes each week to choose from, gluten free and dairy free with lots of vegan options 


3.Simply cook

Unlike other recipe boxes that come with all ingredients required to create a dish from scratch, Simply Cook is a letterbox-size box. It contains four ‘recipe kits’ – dry ingredients in pots, to which you add your own fresh ingredients.

You can choose to get a delivery every 2, 4 or 6 weeks and can cancel at any time. The recipes are designed to serve between 2-4 people although are on the generous side so in most cases will serve 4.

Delivery: Delivery through Royal Mail so will typically arrive 4 days after ordering.

Price: £9.99 for for one box with four recipes but fresh ingredients have to be bought seperately.

Range: Choose from 144 recipes (40 of which are vegetarian and 15 of which are vegan)


Gousto is recipe box company where boxes arrive with ready-measured, fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. Gousto has partnered with UK health influencer Joe Wicks and developed a range of recipes using lean proteins and up to four of your five a day.  

You can choose up to 4 recipes a week either for 2 or 4 people.

Delivery: Delivery is free between 8am and 7pm. Not all areas our covered so postcode check is required. 

Price: £29.99 for 3 recipes and two people

Range: Choose from 52 recipes a week, 15 of which will be vegetarian and 7 will be plant based.


Riverfood has taken its high quality organic ingredients and turned these into recipe boxes. You can choose between 3 Vegan, 3 Vegetarian and 2 meat recipe boxes each week. 

We found the quality of the food was very high but the recipes in some cases were less straightforward than in some of the other recipe kits and some of the recipes seemed more akin to side dishes or light lunches than a full meal.

A lot of thought has also gone into making the packaging recyclable or compostable. Riverfood will collect anything which you can’t recycle to reuse or recycle it at the farm. Deliveries are made through their own drivers and they aim to minimise their emissions through having fuel efficient vehicles. They aim to convert 70% of their fleet to electric.

Delivery: Delivery based on postcode can choose a one off, weekly fortnightly, three weekly or 4 weekly subscription.

Price: £12.45 per vegan recipe, £13.25 per vegetarian recipe and £15.45 per meat recipe with 5% discount for two boxes and 10% with three boxes. 

Range: choose between 3 Vegan, 3 Vegetarian and 2 meat recipe boxes each week.

6.Nourish fit food

Nourish fit foods is aimed at people how want to eat healthy food but are short on time. These meals are pre-cooked so simply need heating in the micro-wave. Meals are said to last 5 days from delivery.

Delivery: Nationwide, twice per week with DPD

Price: from £38 per week

Range: Choose from over 40 recipes, 16, vegetarian options 10 vegan options


Planty are a vegan meal box company. You can order boxes including 6, 8 or 10 meals and order as a subscription or one off. Meals are flash frozen so you can cook when needed by heating in the oven or microwave. 

Delivery is via DPD who offset the emissions of delivery. Most of the packaging is recyclable. 

Delivery: Delivery Nationwide via DPD 

Price: £40.20 for box of six meals

Range: Choose from choice of 15 meals.

8. Pasta evangalists

Pasta Evangelists send everything you need to make restaurant quality pasta at home, from fresh pre-portioned pasta to authentic sauces and garnishes sourced in Italy. All recipes can be stored in the fridge for one day or be frozen for use within the month

Delivery: Nationwide 7 days a week

Price: from £12.75 for a double portion

Range: Choose from 15 recipes each week including vegetarian and vegan options.

9. All plants

Allplants provide vegan meals which have been frozen ready for heating up at home.

AllPlants includes options such as lunch in a flash and high protein options as well as a lighter option.

Delivery: Delivery 5 days a week 

Price: £60 for 6 double servings

Range: Choose from 44 recipes

10. Dishpatch

Dispatch is a company which delivers restaurent meals to your door so if you are wanting to celebrate a special occasion but want to try to find a high end meal including meat-free options this could be for you. Meals are fully prepared with simple instructions to heat and enjoy at home.

Options when we looked included the Tokyo Dive Bar Feast a full vegan menu for 2 people as well as a ROVI’s colourful vegetarian feast including the Celeriac Shawmara by Ottelenghi.

Delivery: Delivery on Friday in insulated boxes

Price: from £50 for a meal for two

Range: Choose from 25 meals, including vegetarian and vegan options.